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THANOS KONDYLIS, Letters from Izmir (AMAZON, 2012, v.1)

Posted by THANOS KONDYLIS στο 03/08/2013

THANOS KONDYLIS, Letters from Izmir (AMAZON, 2012, v.1)

TYPE : Literature,  FORM : Novel,  LANGUAGE : ENGLISH, PAGES : 593, WORDS : 126.000


A young doctor, miss Pelagia Antoniadis, arrives in Izmir (Turkey) in late twentieth century with a mission: her late namesake grandmother had asked her to search inside the orthodox church of Saint Voukolos and retrieve her hidden letters and diary since 1922. Indeed she takes them back and then she will sit at a restaurant to eat something. But there an old Turk, Mr. Osman, a wealthy businessman, suffers a heart attack. Pelagia saves him. The next day he invites her to his mansion. During their discussion they discover how close they are to each other. Why Osman not only did he knew grandmother Pelagia but he was also in love with her back in the early twenty century.

Osman asks from Pelagia to stay with him. She agrees and there she meets his grandson, Alper, with whom she falls in love. In those days Pelagia reads thoroughly the diary and the letters of her grandmother most of which were written in Izmir before the big disaster of 1922. Through them she starts to know better the city, also her grandmother’s great love, the military physician Alexander Kallergis who had arrived in the city in 1919 and had saved her life. And then the disaster came. Pelagia’s life will really change.

She arrives in Athens with her baby and her aunt, Mary, having lost everything, even her husband. But she had never forgotten him. And when she manages to settle down she is ready to implement her plan: one day she leaves Athens and she returns to Smyrna in Asia Minor. Her goal is to find the love of her life, her husband, Alexander. Why she suspects he is still alive like a prisoner in some hidden Turkish prison camp. So Pelagia sets out the biggest adventure of her life without knowing that this is a march to the unknown … maybe to her death.

This is a compelling story that will excite the reader and make him change his view about love, war, Izmir and Asia Minor.






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